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Termite overview

Most homeowners don't know they have a termite issue until long after the colony has been established. Termites can go undetected for many years, destroying the home in the process. It's advisable to have the home inspected once a year or maintain a termite warranty. Termites on many occasions will tunnel up the foundation in thin shelter tubes. These shelter, or mud tubes are termite roadways into your home. Termite damage is caused by the workers in the caste. These workers are very tiny( 6mm), but several million members could occupy a single colony.

Termite damage is very costly

Every year termites cause billions of dollars a year in the U.S alone. No matter the age of your home, where it's located, or it's construction type, it's still susceptable to a termite attack. To the homeowner, this could mean thousands of dollars in restoration and repair expenses. There's a high probability you'll never see any termite activity until the damage is done.

Evidence of termite damage

Even when termite damage is visible, it can still go undetected. What are some of the things we may see when we have termites? Or a question I get often "how do I know if I have termite"? Here's a few tips:

  • Shelter tubes along foundation.
  • Sheetrock bubbling
  • Baseboards brittle.
  • Tiny holes in sheetrock.
  • Wings on the ground and or window sill.
  • Window sill damage.
  • Black winged insects in home, Feb-May.
  • Door jam damage.

How do termites get to my home?

Every year termite swarmers will leave existing colonies and attempt to start new ones. These swarmers are called allates or reproductives, these swarms typically occur in the spring. Many reproductive termites during flight will fall to preditors. Although many do reach their new destination, your home. These swarmers or reproductives are often mistaken for flying ants. There's a clear distinction between the two with a closer look.

What do I do if I have termites?

Call a reputable termite professional to inspect the home. If termites have been confirmed, what type of termites are they? Positive identification of termite species type is crucial to determining the proper treatment approach.

What type of chemicals are used?

There are many products available to pest control professionals. One of the best products available for termites is Termidor. Termidor has an impecable track record and should be used for all post-construction termite treatments.

Does Termidor kill them right away?

Termidor is not a contact kill. It's a non-repellant chemical that is applied to a trench dug around your foundation. The trench is filled with Termidor, then the earth is returned as it was found. Termites are very social insects, termidor exposes this characteristic. Being an non-repellant, the termites move through the treated soil unknowingly. Their bodies become a toxic transport that is shared with the rest of the colony. This transport process could take between 1-3 months for complete eradication. After just two weeks, the termites chewing mouth parts (mantibles) are rendered inoperable, thus the bleeding stops.

How much does a termite treatment cost?

Termite treatments can vary depending on the linear footage of your home. Other things may factor into the cost like foundation prep. If there's bullrock or heavy shrubs against the foundation, it will take longer to prepare the home for treatment.

I'm building a new home and need a termite treatment:

When the home is in the dried in stage (exterior walls and roof). The home is ready for a BoraCare termite wood treatment. BoraCare is applied directly to the wood, sill plates and plumbing penetrations. Traditional soil treatments prior to construction are no longer necessary. Soil (pad) treatments require hundreds of gallons of water, BoraCare requires only a few. Efficacy on a soil treatment is drastically less than a BoraCare wood treatment.

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