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Earthwise Termite and Pest has built a strong reputation for excellence in North Houston providing a wide range of pest control solutions.

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You take care of your business, we'll take care of the pests. We offer safe, practical solutions for all buildings large or small. Contact us for a free evaluation and free written estimate.


Termites feed on the cellulose material found in wood materials. Termites never stop working, their busy round the clock 24/7. Don't let termites invade your home undetected. If you suspect you may have termites, call today for a free inspection.

Bed Bug

Bed Bug cases in Houston are on the rise. These insects can be easily transported through peoples possessions in apartments, college dorms, hotels and homes. During the day they will hide in small cracks and crevices. At night they will be searching out a blood meal.


Wasps and bees are considered to be benificial insects. Typically during the warmer months, these insect can be a nuisance due to their sting. Wasps will nest under eaves, around window, garage and in storage areas. Contact us today for immediate removal.

Fire Ants

I think we've all had the experience of a fire ant sting. It will inject venom that causes itching, swelling and redness. In some cases the individual may need immediate medical attention. Contact us today for a Fire Ant Yard Treatment that comes with a one year gaurantee !!

Heat Treatment

Bed Bug heat treatments are the most effective way to rid yourself of Bed Bugs. It's the only treatment available that kills Bed Bugs at all life cycle stages. Contact us today for a free inspection.

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter Ants can cause severe damage to your home and fence. The most common species is black, some have yellow or red coloration. Carpenter Ants are a wood destroying insect. Any area around your home which has a 10-15 percent moisture content can provide adequate nesting conditions.


Most of the spiders we see are small and relatively harmless to humans. Of the 980 spider species in Texas, only two groups are harmful, Black Widow and Brown Recluse. Knowing how to distinguish between dangerous and harmless spiders is benefial. People who are allergic to spider venom may react severly to any spider bite.


Cockroaches can be pretty creepy, especially the big ones. Some "experts" suggest they go back as far as 300 million years, this is nonsense. There are many types of Cockroaches in Texas. The American, Brown Banded and Smokey Brown Cockroach to name a few. A good inspection accompanied by a solid pest treatment can usually solve the problem.


Due to their habits and biology rodents can be a challenge to control. Rodents are known to carry many diseases and are a health hazard to humans. They need a very small area to gain access to the home or business. Proper sanitation and identifying entry areas is the initial step to rodent control.

Termite Treatments

Termidor and BoraCare treatments are the most common approach to termite control and prevention. If your building a home, treating the studs with BoraCare is an outstanding option. For post construction treatments, Termidor has been the industry standard for decades. Contact us today for a free inspection and service quote.